Greetings, my name is Julius and I am pleased to welcome you to the online presentation of my art and design. The following pages exhibit work of my creation covering the past 15 years. I make use of a number of traditional media, such as pencil, pen & ink, design markers, charcoal and watercolor paints. I also create utilizing digital design software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Quark Xpress etc.

Ultimately, my interest in visual communication can be traced back over several decades to a time when all that was available was a sheet of paper and a number 2 pencil. With this basic tool I created from both my imagination and from what I found interesting in the world around me. I still rely upon the pencil to render work that is completely in that medium, and also as the basis for compositions that are finalized using other media. The work on the following pages are both personally motivated creations and graphic and digital design work I’ve done for others. Although each page is labeled differently, the catagories are somewhat fluid because there are instances when there is a hand rendered composition that I have embellished digitally. So there is a media mixture so to speak. Again, welcome to my web portfolio and please feel free to
Contact Me on matters of interest.